SmartyKat Complete Needs System Wheel

CompleteNeeds® System

Prominently displayed on our packaging, the color-coded CompleteNeeds System educates consumers about their pet’s needs and easily identifies the products that help meet those needs.


Interactive toys strengthen the bond between you and your cat. Toys designed to provide rewarding interaction and reinforce communication.


Give your cat a cozy spot to cuddle up or stretch out.


A cat’s independence is a natural instinct. Our independence toys provide outlets for rewarding solitary activities, our toys are designed to support solo play.


Exercise is vital to keep cats fit and alert and reduces undesirable behaviors caused by excess energy. Exercise toys provide the vigorous activity cats need for a happy, healthy life.


Scratch comes in a variety of surfaces and angles to please the most finicky cats and redirects scratching away from furnishings.


Stimulation products attract cats with catnip to prompt them to frolic, romp, and play.


Cats seek out private hiding spots from a place they can feel safe and secure. These products create a secluded spot to satisfy a cat’s need to retreat or hide.


Explore near and far with your cat. Innovative, solution-based products make it easy to take your cat with you across town or around the world with safety and style.


Cats’ natural hunting behavior is not often satisfied when they live indoors. Hunt toys–sound, light, feathers, and crinkle toys– help satisfy a cat’s natural desire to hunt with kinder “prey”.


Wellness is the act of ensuring the cat is healthy through nutrition in the form of cat grass or treats.