Frisky Flyer™

  • Satisfies your cat’s need for interaction
  • Bond with your cat with this interactive Wand and laser toy
  • Fun for both pet parent and pet
  • Put the thrill of the chase in your hands!
  • Backed by SmartyKat satisfaction GUARANTEE


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Customer Support

Email is the best way to reach us. We try our best to answer all customer questions within 48 hours:

3 reviews for Frisky Flyer™

  1. Chris

    My cat loves this toy. I wish I could just replace the feather part not the entire wand.

  2. SM

    My cats afore this toy. Only problem, there is one feather left. I wish it was replaceable. The wand part is sturdy and the grip is comfortable.

  3. IC

    My rescue loves this wand, but I am on the third one. You should supply the feather attachment, because it is obvious it unscrews. Can you provide a package of replacements? Always a waste to throw the wand away.

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