Loco Motion™

  • SMARTYKAT Loco Motion Programmable Electronic Cat Toy is sure to make playtime fun for your favorite feline friend.
  • CREATED to excite your fur baby, this cat toy doubles as a feline exercise machine.
  • ENGAGING and enticing, this toy allows you to determine its speed to get your pet moving.
  • STIMULATING their desire to hunt, this toy can be tossed to activate your pets’ pouncing instincts, and is a great choice for a multi-cat household.
  • PERFECT for solo play, this toy measures 7.25 x 9.63 x 1.43 inches with a weight of 6.38 ounces.


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2 reviews for Loco Motion™

  1. Linda Dudley

    I purchased this for my very active cat. He is so active he has started to bend the arm at the base where it screws into the unit.
    Is there a replacement I can get for the arm with the feathers on it? Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Linda, If you contact our Customer Support at customerservice@worldwise.com we can help you get a replacement wand for the Loco Motion.

  2. Jennifer Grayson

    Love this toy! How do we find a replacement for its feathered target? Are there an assortment of replacements?

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