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Carpet Angle™ Ramp Cat Scratcher

Carpet Angle™ Ramp Cat Scratcher

SmartyKat® Carpet Angle™ Ramp Cat Scratcher comes with strong and stable wooden structure. This grey scratcher is the perfect angle for scratching and stretching. The carpet scratch surface provides a particularly vigorous workout and is a scratch surface cats love. The instinct to scratch is hard-wired into cats, they scratch to mark territory and promote healthy nail growth as well as stretch and tone muscles and even alleviate stress. SmartyKat® innovative cat scratchers offer various combinations of scratch surfaces and angles to please any cat and redirect natural scratching behavior away from furnishings.

Where to Buy
For Angled Scratching
Carpet Scratch Surface
Saves your Furniture
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
  • DURABLE carpet surface cats love to scratch

  • CAT SCRATCHERS come in a variety of surfaces, angles to please the most finicky cats and redirect scratching away from furnishings

  • STURDY wooden angled scratcher to scratch and stretch out on

Plywood: 80%
Carpet: 15%
Binding: tricot fabric: 5%

Spot clean with warm water dampened cloth

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