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Catnip Shaker Canister

Catnip Shaker Canister

SmartyKat® Catnip is pure, potent fun! It comes in a 2-ounce resealable canister to ensure freshness. Use it to attract cats to toys, scratchers, and bedding. Stimulation is essential for cats’ mental and physical health. Catnip, a natural and non-addictive herb, has most cats responding to it with a burst of energetic activity followed by a calm mellow period.

Collections: 0.5 oz Resealable Pouch, 1 oz Resealable Pouch, 2 oz Shaker Canister

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100% Catnip
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
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  • PURE & POTENT CATNIP: SmartyKat Catnip is chemical-free, pesticide-free, pure and potent, and provides a burst of energetic fun for cats! Plus, it comes in a resealable canister for easy, hassle-free access.

  • SATISFIES CAT’S NATURAL INSTINCTS: Your cat is a natural hunter so keep their instincts keen and stimulated with this aromatic organic catnip. A pinch of this irresistible catnip goes a long way!

  • USE ON TOYS & SCRATCHERS: Help release the natural active ingredient in catnip by lightly squeezing catnip-filled items or by crushing the leaves with your fingers, and sprinkle on your cat’s favorite toys and scratchers to spark a round of playful exercise.

100% Catnip

Reseal canister after use

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