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Products  /  Instincts Tricky Tea™ HappyNip® Toss & Bat Cat Toys

Instincts Tricky Tea™ HappyNip® Toss & Bat Cat Toys

Instincts Tricky Tea™ HappyNip® Toss & Bat Cat Toys

Instincts by SmartyKat® Tricky Tea™ Set of 3 release your cat’s inner instincts with lightweight floppy toy teabags that are 100% filled with HappyNip® catnip and silvervine. HappyNip® is our proprietary blend of pure natural catnip and silvervine, an ideal alternative for finicky felines who need a little extra excitement. Tricky Tea™ sparks the fun and gives your cat a satisfying hunt with safer and kinder “prey.”

Where to Buy
Satifsfies Hunting Instinct
Safest For Solo Play
Includes Catnip
Includes Silvervine
Mentally Stimulating
100% Pure
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • ATTRACTS CATS: Instincts by SmartyKat Tricky Tea is stuffing-free, and 100% filled with HappyNip catnip and silvervine, a natural cat attractant

  • MENTALLY STIMULATING: HappyNip encourages your cat to frolic, romp, and play; most cats respond with a burst of playful energy, followed by a purrfectly blissful calm and relaxation

  • MORE POTENT THAN CATNIP: Silvervine has a strong natural effect on cats; even affecting cats who don’t usually respond to catnip alone, making HappyNip the perfect blend

  • LESS MESS: Tricky Tea HappyNip cat toys provide all the fun of catnip and silvervine without the mess of loose leaf catnip and silvervine

  • GREAT FOR SOLO PLAY: Tea bag shape and attached felt-tipped cord make these cat toys perfect for kicking, swatting, and pouncing

  • JOIN THE FUN: Dangle a Tricky Tea”bag” by its cord to have your cat swatting and leaping, or toss it to put your cat on the hunt

  • VALUE PACKED: Comes with 3 Tricky Tea”bags”, a value-packed way to spoil your favorite feline friend or great for a multi-cat household

  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Lightly squeeze the toy to release active ingredients of silvervine and catnip before gifting to your cat or to reignite your cat’s interest after numerous rounds of play

  • DIMENSIONS: 0.50″L x 2″W x 5.50″H

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: All our products are backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee with proof of purchase from an authorized seller

  • WARNING: For pets only. Pets should be supervised when using this product. Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose, damaged, or detached; do not allow pets to ingest any parts. Remove all packaging and dispose of properly or retain in a safe place. Read all warnings and instructions on packaging thoroughly before use.

90% HappyNip (catnip and silvervine)
10% Polyester

Spot clean with warm water dampened cloth and air dry only. Do not immerse in water

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