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Leggy Llama™ Crinkly Catnip Cat Toy

Leggy Llama™ Crinkly Catnip Cat Toy

SmartyKat® Leggy Llama™ Kicker Crinkly Plush Catnip Cat Toy will spark your cat’s hunting instinct. With soft fleece and crinkle sounds that cat’s love to knead & pounce. Under stuffed soft floppy body with long dangly legs, this toy is ideal to withstands your cat’s instinctual “bunny kicks.” Kicker Toys are an outlet for one of your cat’s first playful behaviors, kittens often wrestle and kick with their litter mates, it’s a comforting and enjoyable play style. Multi-textured with catnip, this toy will satisfy your cat’s hunting & kicking instinct. Works as a solo toy or toss and dangle for interactive fun.

Where to Buy
Satifsfies Hunting Instinct
Crinkle Sound Toy
Includes Catnip
Contains Recycled Material
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • DESIGNED FOR ACTIVITY: Perfectly sized for kicking, wrestling, & cuddling

  • MULTI-TEXTURED TOYS MIMIC THE FEEL OF REAL PREY: Stretchy dangly legs with fringe, soft sherpa fleece with hidden crinkle cats love

  • DURABLE: Floppy lightweight body will withstand instinctive ‘bunny kicks’

96.42% Polyester (Fabric, Ribbon, Polyfill, Tassel)
2.38% PET (Crinkle)
1.19% Catnip

Spot clean with warm water dampened cloth.

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