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Hum Singer™ Electronic Sound Cat Toy

Hum Singer™ Electronic Sound Cat Toy

SmartyKat® Hum Singer™ a motion-activated electronic sound toy, with realistic hummingbird sounds and fluffy feathers, sparks the thrill of the hunt, enticing cats to play. Iridescent blue crinkle, feathers, and soft plush offer multiple textures to attract and entertain cats. Perfectly sized to bat, pounce, and excite! Hunting cat toys help satisfy a cat’s natural desire with safer and kinder “prey.”

Where to Buy
Satifsfies Hunting Instinct
Sound Toy
Contains Recycled Material
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
  • MIMICS REAL HUMMINGBIRD SOUNDS: SmartyKat Hum Singer electronic sound toy mimics real hummingbird sounds and has feathers and crinkle material to entice and excite your cat, and fulfill your kitty’s natural instincts to hunt!

  • EXCITES & ENTICES CATS: This electronic chirping chickadee toy is activated by touch, so with every swat of your cat’s paw it will burst into sound, keeping your feline friend entertained for hours!

  • SATISFIES NATURAL HUNTING INSTINCTS: Hum Singer satisfies your cat’s instinct to hunt and mimics the unpredictable sights, sounds and movement of natural prey. Watch as your feline friend bats, chases, carries and is kept entertained for hours!

75% Polyester
10% Feathers
8% Electronics
7% Batteries

Spot clean with warm water dampened cloth. Do not immerse in water. Air dry only.

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