Chit Chatter™

  • SmartyKat Chit Chatter is sure to make playtime fun for your feline friend.
  • creates realistic cheeps and chirps sounds.
  • excites cats with sounds and feathers.
  • encourages healthy exercise play for cats.
  • touch activated with every bat of the paw.
  • Age range description: All Stages


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1 review for Chit Chatter™

  1. Le

    My full grown cat loves this critter. He will toss, and chase and generally “kill” this over and over. It is the first toy that has kept his attention — unfortunately he has a tendency to toss it into the water bowl which is okay for a time or two but then the batteries die. I usually buy two at a time as he enjoys the so much — even after pulling the feathers out. Hunt is definately the correct title.

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