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Products  /  Instincts Meadow Mayhem™ Hide and Seek Cat Toy

Instincts Meadow Mayhem™ Hide and Seek Cat Toy

Instincts Meadow Mayhem™ Hide and Seek Cat Toy

Instincts by SmartyKat® Meadow Mayhem™ Set of 2 expandable faux grass mats release your cat’s inner instincts by simulating an outdoor hunt in the grass. Hide treats, catnip, and small toys for a more exciting and mentally stimulating hunting game. Bring the outdoors safely and conveniently indoors for your natural-born hunters.

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Satifsfies Hunting Instinct
Mentally Stimulating
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • ATTRACTS CATS: Faux grass that rustles and crunches activates playtime; hide toys, catnip, HappyNip Catnip and Silvervine, or treats (not included) to attract curious cats to explore

  • MULTIPURPOSE CAT TOY: Works as a cat hang out or lounge area; cozy soft paper grass cats love to lounge, cuddle, and roll around in

  • DESIGNED FOR ACTIVITY: Soft rustling paper for wrestling, swatting, pouncing, and kneading

  • VALUE PACKED: Set of two, great for spoiling your favorite feline or for multi cat household; easily folds and unfolds for storage after use

  • READY TO PLAY: Unfold twice, expand and fluff grass, then place on the floor for your cat to explore; safely lay flat in a spot where your cat feels most comfortable

  • DIMENSIONS: 30″L x 15″W x 2.5″H

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: All our products are backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee with proof of purchase from an authorized seller

  • WARNING: For pets only. Use caution, product could cause discoloration to certain surfaces. Pets should be supervised when using this product. Remove if any part becomes loose or detached. Do not allow pet to ingest any parts. Remove all packaging and dispose of properly or retain in a safe place as appropriate.

100% Paper pulp

Remove any hidden items, and gently shake to dislodge any debris. Do not get wet.

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