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Products  /  Instincts Twinkle Tube™ Electronic Light Tunnel Cat Toy

Instincts Twinkle Tube™ Electronic Light Tunnel Cat Toy

Instincts Twinkle Tube™ Electronic Light Tunnel Cat Toy

Instincts by SmartyKat® Twinkle Tube™ releases your cat’s inner instincts with intriguing blinking lights, crinkle fabric, and attached dangling feather and ribbon teaser toy. Twinkle Tube™ is long enough for cats to zoom and race and big enough for cats to hide. Ready to play out of the packaging, your cats can’t resist exploring and playing with this intriguing tunnel.

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Light Toy
Satifsfies Hunting Instinct
Crinkle Sound Toy
Safest For Solo Play
Batteries Included
Replaceable Batteries
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • SATISFY CATS’ INSTINCTS: Twinkle Tube satisfies a cat’s independent streak and need to hunt; the enclosed private space is a great play area and helps cats indulge in some of their more natural solitary behaviors

  • ATTRACTS CATS: Motion-activated lights will capture your cat’s attention, while the crinkle sounds of the tunnel fabric works to mimic the rustling of moving prey, further enticing your cat to explore

  • CAT PLAY SPACE: Dangling ties and a hanging feather and ribbon toy for swatting and pawing

  • EASY TO STORE: Compress tunnel and use ties to keep flat so you can easily put away when not in use

  • BATTERY POWERED: Two replaceable LR44 batteries included; screwdriver required to change batteries

  • MAXIMIZE BATTERY LIFE: On/off switch to turn off after use to help batteries last longer

  • READY TO PLAY: Carefully undo ties that compress spring-loaded tunnel and allow to extend to its full length; locate and open battery pouch on tunnel’s interior rim; slide switch to the “ON” position to activate motion triggered lights; when tunnel is not in use, slide switch to “OFF” position

  • TIPS & TRICKS: Tap or shake tunnel to activate motion sensor lights and intrigue cats; safely place in a spot your cat feels most comfortable; for extra excitement apply SmartyKat Catnip Mist, Organic Catnip, or Catnip with Silvervine (sold separately)

  • DIMENSIONS: Tunnel Expanded – 25.00″L x 10.00″W x 10.00″H;

    Tunnel Collapsed – 2.25″L x 10.00″W x 10.00″H

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: All our products are backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee with proof of purchase from an authorized seller

  • WARNING: For pets only. Pets should be supervised when using this product. Remove if any part becomes loose or detached. Do not allow pet to ingest any parts. Remove all packaging and dispose of properly or retain in a safe place as appropriate. Read all warnings and instructions on packaging thoroughly before use.

  • WARNING: Remove and immediately recycle or dispose of used batteries according to local regulations and keep away from children. Do NOT dispose of batteries in household trash or incinerate. Even used batteries may cause severe injury or death. Call a local poison control center for treatment information. Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged. Do not force discharge, recharge, disassemble, heat above 140°F (60°C), or incinerate. Doing so may result in injury due to venting, leakage, or explosion resulting in chemical burns.

    Ensure batteries are installed correctly according to polarity (+ and -). Do not mix old and new batteries, different brands or types of batteries, such as alkaline, carbon-zinc, or rechargeable batteries. Remove and immediately recycle or dispose of batteries from equipment not used for an extended period of time according to local regulations. Always completely secure the battery compartment. If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product, remove the batteries, and keep them away from children.

65% Polyester
10% Spring Steel
10% LED lights
5%   Plastic
5%   Batteries (2 LR44 included and replaceable)
5%   Feathers (Gallus Domesticus)

Turn toy OFF to spot clean with warm water dampened cloth. Air dry only. Do not immerse in water.

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