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Products  /  Kolossal Karrot™ Catnip Kicker Cat Toy

Kolossal Karrot™ Catnip Kicker Cat Toy

Kolossal Karrot™ Catnip Kicker Cat Toy

SmartyKat® Kolossal Karrot™ Plush Crinkle and Catnip Cat Kicker Toy has light and lofty feathers, long dangling ribbons, crinkle, and soft plush. Crinkle excites and delights cats and imitates the sound of prey rustling in bushes; satisfying your cat’s need to hunt with a kinder “prey”. Kicker Toys are also an outlet for one of your cat’s first playful behaviors, kittens often wrestle and kick with their litter mates, it’s a comforting and enjoyable play style. This extra-large kicker will be a wrestle and snuggle buddy. Contains our pure and potent catnip. Most cats respond to catnip with a burst of energetic activity followed by a calm mellow period.

Where to Buy
Crinkle Sound Toy
Includes Catnip
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • KICKER AND WRESTLE: Provide the most satisfying kicking solution with the cone shaped kicker perfect to wrestle & play

  • HUNTING CAT TOYS: Help satisfy a cat’s natural desire with kinder prey

  • MULTI-TEXTURED TOYS MIMIC THE FEEL OF REAL PREY: Soft plush, catnip, feathers, ribbons, crinkle

72% Polyester
10% PET Crinkle Paper
8% Catnip
5% Turkey Feathers (meleagris gallopavo)
5% Goose Feathers (Anser domesticus)

Spot clean with warm water dampened cloth.

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