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Paw Perch™ Indoor Cat Perch

Paw Perch™ Indoor Cat Perch

SmartyKat® Paw Perch™ provides an ideal spot for your cat to watch their environment and sunbathe in comfort. The quality board is wide enough for your cat to stretch out so they can rest or perch securely. The cushy foam pad and durable sherpa cover cradles your cat and provides warmth. The easy install perch platform is reinforced by wooden brackets that brace the perch and prevent movement and slipping. The brackets come with foam padded feet for extra security, providing protection for your walls as well. Cats find it soothing to perch or rest in high places, and love to view what’s going on outside the window or inside the home from higher vantage points. Easily meet your cat’s need for security and privacy with our luxurious SmartyKat® Paw Perch™ .

Where to Buy
Curled-Up Comfort
Stretched-Out Rest
Machine Washable
Contains Recycled Material
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
Satisfaction Guaranteed

40% Wood Pulp
40% Polyester
10% Foam
5% Plastic/Hook & Loop
5% Metal Steel

Spot clean perch with warm water dampened cloth. Remove sherpa cover and machine wash cover separately in cold water on gentle cycle. Air dry only, do not bleach or iron.

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