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Skitter Slices™ Catnip Toy

Skitter Slices™ Catnip Toy

SmartyKat® Skitter Slices™ Catnip Mice Cat Toys will satisfy your cat’s need for stimulation. Irresistible catnip mice disguised as fruit slices, your cat will love to carry, bat, and hide for an ongoing game of hunt-and-seek! These little perfectly sized, lightweight mice give your kitty the exercise they need. SmartyKat® Skitter Slices™ are 50% filled with our pure and potent catnip and the fluffy fiberfill is spun from 100% recycled plastic. Stimulating cat toys always include catnip to attract cats to engage, frolic, romp & play. Most cats respond to catnip with a burst of energetic activity followed by a calm mellow period.

Where to Buy
Includes Catnip
Contains Recycled Material
Designed to Meet Child Safety Standards
  • FILLED WITH PURE CATNIP: They’re lightweight so you can toss them easily and watch your little hunter go, and are stuffed with 100% pure, potent, chemical-free and pesticide-free catnip for a boost of purrfect excitement to keep your pal coming back for more.

  • STIMULATING CAT TOYS: Attract cats with catnip to engage them to frolic, romp & play

  • REALISTIC SIZE AND SHAPE triggers an instinctive response in cats

95% Polyester
5% Catnip

Spot clean with warm water dampened cloth.

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